General Encouragement


Phase 1
In 2010, James W. Falcon found himself caught between the rock of what appeared to insurmountable obstacles and the hard place of discouragement and depression.  To cope, James resorted to the means by which he felt most comfortable-writing.  But instead of writing in a journal, James created a cyber cafe-a place where people could "drop in" 24 hours a day and select from a menu of tidbits of information to get encouraged.  Hence, the Facebook page called Cafe Encouragement was born with its montra...GET!  BE, & STAY ENCOURAGED. 

On the page, James posted many of the encouraging statements he heard from his Parents, from his Brother, and other family members and friends over the years.  And slowly, he turned from having an inward focus on his pain to an outward expression and source of encouragement for others.  Blogs, motivation videos, a book, and most recently a Blog Talk Radio program all developed for the purpose of helping others overcome their challenges.

Phase 2
In August of 2012, James gathered several of Cafe Encouragement's most encouraging posts, added some pictures, found an online publisher, and subsequently released his first book entitled, Up & Over: Encouragement In Tough Times.  As a follow up to that work, James wrote and released a work that illustrated the darker side of his discouraging experiences entitled, PITCH BLACK: Navigating the Darkness in 2013.  In 2014, a 3rd publication (James' 2nd book of poetry) was released entitled Juggernaut: The Merciless Destruction of the Ties That Bind.  All three books are small, informationals that are succinctly focused and are part of what James calls the Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPR) series.  

Phase 3
In February of 2013, a door to providing encouragement through the medium of Blog Talk Radio was introduced and opened-a door through which James W. Falcon had to walk. As a result, Cafe Encouragement Radio was launched. Cafe Encouragement Radio, an extension of Cafe Encouragement the Facebook page, provides encouragement through use of poems, short stories, humor, and uplifting "chalk talks" to listeners of internet based radio.  With this medium, James is able to have a global reach.  The "In the Spotlight" segment of the broadcast has hosted several notable authors and personalities who have shared their messages of hope and encouragement on a variety of topics.

See the "Blog Talk Radio" tab of this site for more details on upcoming broadcasts and to browse the archives of the previously aired broadcasts.

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