James' Bio

James Wayne Falcon was born, raised, and currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is the product of parents with North & South Carolinian roots.  His Mother, Father, and Brother were/are the most influential people in his life.  Their indelible impact on him can be seen in all of his work & felt in all of his interactions with people.  It is that very same zest for life, love of learning, honor of family, desire to serve humanity, and love affair of story telling that James enjoyed while growing up, James is passing on to his children and grandchildren.

James holds an Associate's Degree in Biblical Studies, a Bachelor's in Psychology, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership.  James is an experienced public speaker, leader, mentor, & coach.  Though an Inbound Call Center Professional by trade, James has also authored 8 books (3 of poetry), produced and hosted 2 Blog Talk Radio programs, founded and currently serves as Editor-In-Chief of an online news publication-all of which are aspects of the Encouragement Is Key network. 

Above all of James' experience and accomplishments, he is the proud Dad of 4 Daughters, 1 God Daughter, 3 Granddaughters, and 3 Grandsons.  It is extremely evident that his relationship with his children and grandchildren have delightfully seasoned  his life and serves as the basis for many of the themes of his writing.  James W. Falcon is a simple man, with a simple purpose in life: to help people.

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