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Shortly after the launch of Cafe Encouragement, WHEN MEN SPEAK made its debut.  WHEN MEN SPEAK is a men's forum designed to encourage men to examine themselves and the areas that need improvement in their relationships with the women in their lives. 

It should be of great concern that the needs of men and the perception of manhood are rarely hosted by men in healthy forums. WHEN MEN SPEAK was designed to do just offer an inroad to discussions that explore ways of improving the relationships with the men in your life.

"From the perspective of a man, I feel that one of the greatest ills that plagues our families, our work places, and our communities, is the ignorance of masculinity." -James W. Falcon

As the father of 4 daughters and a God Daughter, it is extremely important to James W. Falcon that his daughters have a healthy understanding of what a man is AND what a man is not.

Visit the Facebook page, WHEN MEN SPEAK to see how it all began.  And when you do, remember to click the "Like" button to receive regular updates.

Following a very similar path and time line as Cafe Encouragement, a book, WHAT MEN REALLY NEED! A First Step To Reconciliation Between Men & Women was released followed by a Blog Talk Radio show, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition.  The "Radio Edition" began as a conference call, then a Blog Talk Radio program featuring former Towson State University Radio personality, LaVerna Saunders, James' Cousin.  Together, they engaged in in-depth but extremely lighthearted cousin-to-cousin  banter about relationships.  (Visit the "Blog Talk Radio" page of this site for a listing of the links of the broadcasts.  Since then, the conference call approach has been revived.  WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition is now The Conference Call Edition: and is set to air bi-weekly.  The conference will offer alternating participants proving a men's only forum 1 week and a co-ed forum the next.  Plans are underway for the relaunch so stay tuned for the date and time.

WHEN MEN SPEAK has to its credit, a second book, Emotional & Cerebral: A Collection of Poem About Love, Life, & Loss. Emotional & Cerebral is James' observation of the things that truly make us one race of people-the human race. It is a celebration of all that is wholesome from the heart and mind. See the "Book Store" tab of this site for more information.

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