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In early 2013, the need for a women's forum surfaced.  Instead of launching another Facebook page, and to link the new endeavor to the men's forum, James W. Falcon developed a newsletter from a blog and called it Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication. 

The intent was to examine male-female relationships exclusively from a feminine perspective. The goal was to offer women the opportunity to articulate their concerns about the ups and downs of their relationships with the men in their lives. To accomplish this, James called on a few friends who were incredibly gifted poets, columnists, and spoken word enthusiasts and invited them to join him to spark what he has termed...A Relationship Revolution!!!

The publication began on February 16, 2013 and released new editions with special Holiday inserts.  James serves as the Editor-In-Chief and the only male columnist and poet. 5,000 plus page views and 8 editions later, Jubilee News continues to provide a male-female relationship based perspective on the news.

Next Level
Because the relationship a daughter has with her father is key to healthy emotional development, James jumped on the opportunity to delve into the topic.  Drawing from his experiences with his daughters, James began writing a column that was initially entitled The Daddy Diaries that was later changed to The Daddy Pages to honor the proprietary pursuits of another family based, online group.  The Father figure of the story is the culmination of the best qualities of James' Dad and the qualities James hopes to develop and exhibit as a father to his children.  To honor his Dad, James assumed the pen name Jai-ree from the nickname given his Dad, "Jay Ree" (from James Reed).  The Daughter in the story is named Blossom and she is the combination of each of the very best traits of his girls.  The fictional series has since been recently produced as a book-a diary- that will be marketed to young girls and mature women alike-The Daddy Pages.  (See the "Books" page of this site for content, pricing, & ordering information).

Visit the newsletter at http://whenmenspeak-jubilee.blogspot.com/Jubilee to enjoy the literary mastery of the staff columnists and visiting writers.  Also visit the Jubilee News Facebook page for interesting discussions and to stay abreast of the "Relationship Revolution."

Flava Flav was right! The "Revolution" will not be televised.  Instead, it will be blogged through Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication.  Stay tuned because the RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION is afoot!!!!!!!!!!

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