Leadership/Performance Improvement


Many people have wondered about the benefits and the effects of leadership.  Some have even argued that a leader's presence has little effect on performance outcomes.  Yet, we live in a society that praises some leaders and villifies others.  James W. Falcon will tackle these issues in his next book.  He will delve into the topic and answer questions like:

  • What is leadership?
  • What are the nuances of leadership?
  • Is there a right or a wrong way to lead?
  • How important is the role of a leader in the performance improvement process?
  • What are the benefits of positive leadership intervention?
  • What one element should be present in the leader-member exchange?
  • Is there any scientific data that provides the basis for good (or bad) leadership intervention?

These and many more questions will be answered in James W. Falcon’s first work geared exclusively to professionals. James is converting a year’s worth of solid empirical research invested in his Master’s Thesis into a practical manual for leaders and aspiring leaders, alike. Stay tuned for more information on this release as it develops.

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