Here's what's happening in and around the Encouragement Is Key network...


Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • The newsletter's 10th Edition was launched on June 10th as promised
  • The launch has experienced a record number of page views-perhaps one of the largest since the Publication's founding in 2013
  • This Edition's them is Communication
  • Extra!  Extra! Read all about it!!! The Publication is please to announce that it now has a reach all the way to England!  Columnist Shereen, of the Achibe Network, has joined the Publication's Team and is featured among the powerful articles available in this Edition of the newsletter.  (6/1/14/2017)

Previously Reported...

Prep for "the 10th on the 10th" continues!!!  Jubilee News, the 10th Edition, will be released on June 10th at 2 pm.  Several exciting developments have occurred.
  • Several more author-artists have joined the Team
  • 1 from England and another from Australia!!!
  • Soon, Jubilee News will have an even broader reach

More details to come. (5/31/2017)

A Return to radio?  Or are there other ventures on the horizon?
  • Since James' visit to WBGR, he is considering returning to radio.  He is also considering converting his library of 8 books to Audiobook format.  Stay tuned for more details on both. (5/27/2017)

Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication
  • Now that the 9th Edition of the newsletter has been released, the attention has turned to the next edition. Stay tune for the "10th on the 10th" promotion in which James and the talented Team of columnists and artists will combine forces yet again to produce and release the 10th Edition of the Publication on the 10th of June. The next Edition promises yo be even more robust than the last. Also, stay connected as the Publication is soon to celebrate it's next big milestone-it's 8,000th page view!!! (5/26/2017) 
WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call
  • James felt compelled to move quickly to try to bring men together to discuss ways of improving their interactions with the women in their lives. WHEN MEN SPEAK, the forum that James founded back in 2010 is a by men, for men forum that identified problems and explores solutions to help strengthen male-female relationships. Join James tomorrow night to offer your input. While this is a men's forum, women are welcome. (5/23/2017)
Radio Interview

  • Click: WBGR Interview to view James being interviewed by former Dunbar, Georgetown Hoyer, and pro basketball great, Reggie Williams. The interview was live on 5/22/2017 at 8:30 pm (EDT) but is available via playback. (Updated 5/22/2017)
Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • The 9th Edition of Jubilee News was released yesterday and it is chocked full of passion and encouragement by women, for women in their relationships with the men in their lives. Click the link on the Home page to view to see what all the hype is about. (5/21/2017)
The Daddy Pages

  • James is exploring the possibility of introducing his series, "The Daddy Pages" into classrooms in Baltimore. (4/30/2017)
Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • James published Edition 8.2 of his women's based newsletter this afternoon! It features yet another installment of his series, "The Daddy Pages." Edition 8.2 is part of the re-launch of the newsletter in the wake of it's last published edition-the 8th Edition. James calls this period between the 8th and 9th editions "Beyond the 8th Edition." And it's official! James has gathered 11 talented women to write for the newsletter and is set to publish the 9th edition on Saturday, May 20, 2017. (4/29/2017)
Encouragement Is Key

  • James is waiting for the details to do a television interview and possibly a podcast to discuss my writing and my encouragement based network. (4/27/2017)
THIS Just In!!!  The Jubilee Newsletter has been relaunched!
  • James just posted the following message on several of his Facebook pages...
I am super pumped because...I have re-launched the newsletter as promised!!! Today's edition is called "Beyond the 8th Edition" and contains several really important pieces of information. First, the announcement of the next edition (the 9th Edition) featuring all new columnists, vloggers, and poets. When the 9th Edition is released, I will do a formal, official introduction of each woman so that we welcome them as a community. And second, today's edition features the continuation of the story of the character I created called Blossom and her journey through womanhood. 

This is a monumental endeavor that was only made possible by the grace of God!!! I hope you get as excited as I am about these developments. Plenty more information to come. Stay tuned. Thank you. -James (4/22/2107)


  • James added several new series to his YouTube Channel. It is his hope to grow his subscriber base while providing as much encouragement as possible to as many as possible. Use the link on the home page of this site to view James' YouTube channel.(4/15/2017)
Instagram, Twitter, Periscope & Facebook Live

  • Since the beginning of 2017, James set out to grow his presence on both Instagram and Twitter. James has also made a conscious effort to have a presence on Periscope and Facebook Live using both platforms primarily to support his live life coaching series. (4/15/2017)
Updates to EIK Facebook Pages

  • James is endeavoring to keep the Facebook pages Cafe Encouragement, WHEN MEN SPEAK, and Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication updated with current information. Use the links on the Home page of this site for the most recent developments on each of these Facebook pages. (4/15/2017)
Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication

  • Several attempts to re-launch the online newsletter have been made-all unsuccessfully unfortunately. The effort continues. In the interim, James has decided to re-launch as aspect of the newsletter that began to pick up momentum in the last few issues-James' story segment called, "The Daddy Page." "The Daddy Pages" is a fictitious account of the life of middle aged woman, Blossom, who meanders her way through life reflecting back on her interactions with her dad. In an effort connect with the newsletter's audience again and to hopefully gain the attention of new readers, "The Daddy Pages" will re-launch on Saturday, April 22nd at Noon. Visit the online newsletter now to get caught up on Blossom's journey and to acquaint yourself with the newsletter, if you haven't already. Click: to begin. Thanks in advance. (4/15/2017)
Life Coaching

  • At the turn of the year, James launched a life coaching series that sparked a run of a number of life coaching series that have now become the norm for EIK. The series cover a variety of practical topics and were originally produced for viewing on James' Instagram page @jameswfalcon. The plan expanded and those series are also running on James' Twitter feeds @jameswfalcon. The themed programming have their origins from life coaching James started almost a year ago on Periscope. But, when the access to archived programming changed, James wanted to preserve and have unrestricted access to his videos and chose to move all future work to other social media platforms including Youtube. After each life coaching series in run on Instagram and Twitter, James loads them on YouTube. Please click the YouTube button on the Home Page to view James' growing collection of life coaching series. And...oh...don't forget to subscribe to his channel and be sure to share the content as often as you like. (1/29/2017)
Cafe Encouragement Radio

  • Cafe Encouragement Radio has been off the air now for several weeks in order to find a new time slot. James believes he can reach more people by possibly airing the broadcast during the day instead of at 11 pm (EST). Currently, James is exploring the 12 noon (EST) hour in hopes of gaining a much larger listener base across the 4 time zones, particularly here in the states. More information to come. Stay tuned. (12/21/2016)
A Brand New Venture
  • On December 11th, James launched a new video series called, "Seconds for Success."  The series provides encouragement to individuals, to couples, and to leaders and teams in the workplace in keeping with the mission statement of Encouragement Is Key.  The series was originally posted on Instagram but is now viewable on Twitter and on James' Facebook page: Cafe Encouragement.  It is also available on James YouTube channel, "james w. falcon" as well. (12/21/2016)
More Cohosting
  • James has been cohosting the "Speak Easy Cafe"-a Blog Talk Radio poetry show founded by photographer & poet, Nyla Alisia, since October and...he's loving it. Join Nyla and James on Thursday evenings at 8 pm (EST) for some incredible poetry by amazing artists with a unique brand of humor-a formula that you don't want to miss. Dial (646) 595-3965 to listen live.
Excerpts From The Journal of an Aging Man: Poems of Reflection...Still available via online retailers
  • James book "Excerpts From The Journal Of An Aging Man" is available, via multiple online book retailers. This is James' 8th book (3rd book of poetry) and it is filled with the insights of a maturing man on many interesting and practical topics. Excerpts is James most comprehensive book of poetry to date and is sure to be a huge hit with readers, lovers of poetry, and lovers of the arts. Click: The Book to get your copy today!!! (11/5/2016)

Blog Talk Radio

  • James is BACK on the air! Back on Blog Talk Radio to be exact. That's right! James re-launched his radio show, Cafe Encouragement Radio 2 weeks ago. Now airing every Monday evening at 11 pm (EST), the show has an even loftier goal than before. On the first run of the show, nearly 12k listeners were impacted by the message of encouragement. This time around, James hopes to reach 30k listeners. To listen live, dial (657) 383.0655 from any cell phone or land line. Listen'll be glad you did! (11/2/2016)
  • James cohosted a Blog Talk Radio show with award winning photographer and poet, Nyla Alisia, on her open mic, poetry show-The Speak Easy Cafe. The Speak Easy Cafe has been on the air for 10 years that regularly features poets and spoken word artists from across the nation. James has not only been given the opportunity to cohost but to tell his story, explain the origin, meaning, and purpose of EIK as well as share pieces of his original poetry collection. All in all, James has been enriched by the experience and hopes to work on more projects with Ms. Alisia. (Updated 10/15/2016).
  • Cohosting the Speak Easy Cafe has given James the itch to want to do more live performances. As a result, James is preparing to return to the Blog Talk Radio airwaves with his Blog Talk Radio show-Cafe Encouragement Radio. Plans are being made for a re-launch for this coming Monday evening at 11 pm E.S.T. Stay tuned for deets. (Updated 10/15/2016). 
Multi Book release-Brand or Bust!!!
  • James has ambitiously decided to release all of his latest book projects and re-release all of his older book works. Against advice, James' goal is to flood the market with his encouragement based books from his "Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPR)" series in hopes of created a frenzy that will promote his unique writing style, introduce Encouragement Is Key to the world, and present himself as an author/artist. Wish James all the best in his endeavors. (Updated 9/10/2016).
"Seasons of Storytelling" Revived 
  • James also recently revived the poetry performing platform that he created months ago-"Seasons of Storytelling." Join James as he broadcasts live on Periscope and draws from his deep well of original poetry and passion for the arts. You are certain to be moved as well as encouraged by the broadcasts and the artistry. Follow James on Twitter: @jameswfalcon airing details and on Periscope: @jameswfalcon for the live broadcasts. (9/10/2016)
Lifecoaching via Periscope & Twitter 
  • For the past several weeks, James has been broadcasting life coaching lessons via Periscope. Straight from his heart, James has been providing practical, straight forward material on how to overcome the challenges we often face when pursuing our dreams.  James does this through a series he created called, "Lifecoaching-the A.M. & P.M. Editions."  
  • James just finished a powerful, multi part series called "Momentum" and is currently providing insight on the topic, "This Means War" which is designed to explore how we internalize opposition AND, most importantly how to use self talk to dismantle that opposition.  Join James weekdays, each morning and evening.  Follow him on Twitter for broadcast details and on Periscope to view his live broadcasts.  In the event you miss the live broadcasts, replays are available on Twitter and Periscope. (Updated 9/10/2016)

Poetry Over Music 

  • James bumped into a musician who proposed the idea of lending her upright bass and 2 other instrument to my poetry.  Both parties were as giddy as elementary schoolers throughout the conversation.  James is looking forward to executing this very soon.  Stay tuned for deets and launch dates. (Updated 9/9/2016)

Poetry/Writers' Workshop, Coming Soon

  • James revived discussions to deliver a poetry/writers' seminar via Blog Talk Radio.  Super excited!!!  James already has the topic queued up and he is locked, loaded and ready to go.  Just waiting for the green light from the show's Host.  Deets to follow. (Updated 9/8/2016)

About last night...

  • Last night marked a crucial moment in EIK's history. James, by the great grace of God, connected with and co-hosted a Periscope broadcast in a brand newly created alliance with an incredible company in Australia called EMGIE.  Founder, Angie Sher and her partner, EmaJazmine also provide encouragement & inspirational information to their view base among a list of other practical information.  They have invited James to co-host several segments of their Periscope broadcasts over the next few weeks.  This collaboration is certain to have an amazing impact as it stretches from the good ole US of A all the way around the globe to Australia.  Wow!  Stay tuned for more of this exciting endeavor!!!  CLick on the Twitter/Periscope link on the main page to follow James.  (Updated 2/10/2016)
Launch of Leadership Division was a complete success!!! 

  • This past weekend, January 6, James' leadership division was launched with James' very first leadership series.  It was a complete success and will serve as a springboard for many more leadership and team building, performance improvement segments.  Click the Youtube link on the main page to view James' Youtube channel. (Updated 2/10/2016)

"...And Encouragement for Leaders and Teams" Launch

  • The Leadership division of EIK will be launched tomorrow, Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 2 pm (EST). For the launch, James will host "the most unique presentation of leadership experienced."  James will provide information from empirical studies that will empower viewers to improve their teams performances, reduce employee turnover, and make delivering annual reviews a process to be celebrated and not mourned.  Join James on Periscope for this presentation-one you can't afford to miss.

The Network Expansion Continues

  • On the Facebook page Encouragement Is Key, James mentioned an expansion would be in the works.  That "expansion" is the fact that James will launch encouragement based services geared specifically for Leaders and Teams.  This will complete the 3rd leg of EIK's mission statement.  James intends to use Twitter/Periscope's live streaming capabilities to deliver a large portion of the plans he has in store for this division.  So...if you haven't set up a Twitter/Periscope account yet, now is the best time to do so.  Stay connected to here more about this exciting endeavor. (updated, 1.29.2016)
Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPR's) - New Book Release
  • James is super excited to celebrate the released of his book of poetry, "Excerpts From The Journal Of An Aging Man."  This is James' 8th book-3rd book of poetry and it is filled with the insights of a maturing man on many interesting and practical topics.  Excerpts is James most comprehensive book of poetry to date and is sure to be a huge hit with readers and lovers of poetry.  Click: The Book for more details. (updated, 1.8.2016)
Artistry On The move  
  • James is scheduled to perform at yet another open mic night. James will be the featured poet at 3rd Eye Thursday's (Soulful Emergence Art Gallery) 2602 Greenmount Avenue Baltimore, MD 21218 on February 18th at 7pm.  Join James as he will undoubtedly perform poetry from his latest book. (updated, 1.8.2016)
Leadership Series In The Works 
  • James is also planning to launch a series on leadership, leadership intervention and performance improvement.  Stay connected for more details. (updated, 1.8.2016)
The Encouragement Is Key Channel 
  • The EIK Channel has been revived and is now on YouTube.  All of the content from the channel's launch back in February 2015 is available for viewing.  Click: The Encouragement Is Key Channel for details.  (updated, 1/8/2016)
  • James just released a brand new video of an original poem he wrote called, "Brutha, You Were More Than That."  Click: to view.
The Encouragement Is Key Facebook Page  
  • As a matter of information, please visit and 'Like" the Encouragement Is Key Facebook page for the latest updates on activities in and around the network.  For your convenience, a link to the EIK Facebook page has been provided on the home page of this site.
Artistry On The move  
  • James and his business partner,Abdur, are now the co-hosts of a new OPEN MIC in Baltimore, MD.  The OPEN MIC will begin on July 21st and is open to all artists.  See the flier on the Home page for details.
  • The start of the new OPEN MIC at The Bird Bar & Lounge marks the 3rd venue that the dynamic duo have hosted in less than a year.  
The Encouragement Is Key Channel produced and aired its very first documentary 
  • Regrettably, the EIK Channel has been discontinued for reasons beyond our control.  Not the worry, all of the content will be made available via Youtube very soon.  Stay connected for the Youtube debut! (Updated, July 11, 2015)
  • "That Dude Called,'Dad,' " is the story of James' own life and experiences with his Dad.  View this heart felt recollection of James' memories as he attempts to counter balance the negative images displayed of African-American fatherhood.  Click the link: That Dude Called Dad to view the program already in progress.
Encouragement Is Key launched The Encouragement Is Key Channel
  • On Saturday, February 22nd, The Encouragement Is Key Channel was launched.  The technology that feeds the channel will propel James' encouragement based work forward in a monumental way by offering programming around the clock.  Currently, the Channel is featuring clips of another one of James' latest projects-POETRY TV.  Click: The ENCOURAGEMENT IS KEY Channel  to view what's playing.  Come and grow with us as we continue to expand the EIK network by using every means necessary to provide encouragement to those in need.
Encouragement Is Key goes to internet based television
  • James is now the owner of an internet support TV channel that will feature live and pre-recorded, encouragement based programming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The network will have television like quality and will feature aspects of many of the EIK network subsidiaries like video journals from Cafe Encouragement, Cafe Encouragement Radio, LIVE conferences from WHEN MEN SPEAK, presentations from Artistry On The Move, LIVE book releases and poetic performances, and much, much more!  Stay tuned for the debut information. (2/14/20115)
Social Media
  • Facebook: James' Facebook page "Encouragement Is Key" serves as the hub for all aspects of James' encouragement based network.  Visit the page and "Like" the page to get all of the more recent updates.
  • Also follow James on Instagram at Jdoubleuef and on Twitter at @Jdoubleuef (2/9/2015)
Cafe Encouragement
  • Check out James' series entitled, "How To Get The Most Out of Your Day."  The series launched today and will deliver a post a day of practical information to help you take advantage of the most important commodity-time.  Visit the Facebook Page: for more information (2/9/2015)
Encouragement Is Key Presents: POETRY TV
  • The 2nd Episode of POETRY TV is available for viewing. This episode is a very special, 3-part edition that is a must see.  Visit the POETRY TV tab of this site for links and more details. (2/9/2015)
Artistry On The Move
  • Due to scheduling conflicts, I have surrendered my role as Co-Host of Open Mic Nights at Umosha to an incredibly talent young man named Michael D. Martin, Jr. Mike is a true Spoken Word artist who is not only talented but incredibly hungry to make his mark on the Baltimore Poetry/Spoken Word scene.  Mike has changed the name of the event to Speak Ya Mind Mondays and is open for artistry every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Mike has some powerhouses lined up to feature so check it out if you are in the Baltimore area.  For more information, visit him on Facebook at "Speak Ya Mind Mondays." (2/9/2015)
  • Plenty of encouragement based projects are in store in 2015.  Stay tuned.
Artistry On The Move

  • On Monday, November 17, 2014, join James and his Co-host and fellow artist, Abdur, as they host OPEN MIC NIGHT at Umosha Restauratore for poets & spoken word artists.  This week's featured artist, West Coast sensation, Coon The Poet.  Coon is Sacramento, California's 2014 award winning artist.  Click here for more details.  (Updated 11/15/2014).
WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call
  • This past Wednesday, November 12, 2014 WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call was re-launched.  The Conference Call serves as a Men's Forum and a Co-ed Forum, alternating weekly.  Click here for details on the next conference calls. (Updated 11/15/2014).
WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call
  • This past Wednesday, November 12, 2014 WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Conference Call was re-launched.  The Conference Call serves as a Men's Forum and a Co-ed Forum, alternating weekly.  Click here for details on the next conference calls. (Updated 11/15/2014).
  • Today, James launched his freelance writing series entitled, Man-oirs on the Facebook page WHEN MEN SPEAK.  Man-oirs, is a series of columns that contain male-centered topics delivered in an easy-going, storytellers format.  The topics covered will be expounded upon during the conference calls which James and his Team will also be launching in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned.  To read James' column, click: Man-oirs (Updated 11/1/2014)
The Launch of POETRY TV
  • Today, James launched POETRY TV to showcase his love, appreciation and hunger to perform poetry and spoken word.  Go to the Facebook page Encouragement Is Key to check out the Pilot Episode of POETRY TV!!! (Updated 10/20/2014).
Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPR's) Series
  • Stay tuned for the release of a 3rd poetry publication (8th over all) from the QBPR series entitled, "Excerpts from The Journal of an Aging Man."  This is James' most powerful, poignant, poetry and spoken word publication yet.  This publication, just like the previous 7, will be carried by the online publisher,  Details to follow. (Updated 9/21/2014)
Café Encouragement Radio 

  • Café Encouragement Radio is back on the airways every Sunday & Wednesday evening from 11-11:30 pm (EST). Join James for the most encouraging 30 minutes on the airwaves-Cafe Encouragement Radio!!! (Updated 9/21/2014)
Facebook Pages for Cafe Encouragement, WHEN MEN SPEAK, & Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication
  • There is tremendous push underway to get all of the elements of the EIK Network up and running at the same time.  Over the past 2 years, emphasis in one area meant pulling away from another area.  Now!  For the first time in EIK's history, James will attempt to run his Blog Talk Radio shows, conference calls, Jubilee News, and all of the other aspects at the same time.  More information to come. (Updated 7/25/2014)
Artistry On The Move
  • Unfortunately, due to weather related concerns this event was first moved to another date, then cancelled.  James will be supporting a fellow poet/artist for an event they're calling POETRY IN THE PARK-a family oriented, artistic expression.  Poetry and spoken word for the adults and arts & crafts for children.  This event is set for September 6th, 2014 from 4-6 pm (EST).  So, if you are in the Baltimore City area on September 6th, please stop by.  Admission is FREE. (9/21/2014)
  • If you are in and around the Baltimore Metropolitan area on Monday evenings, check James and Brother Abdur out as they co-host an Open Mic Night for poets and spoken word artists every Monday from 8 am-Midnight (EST) at Umosha Restauratore, beginning August 25th. (Updated August 20, 2014)
  • James first public appearance, poetry reading & storytelling event, WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Monologue, was a smash hit.  On June 19th, James was the Featured Artist of the Month at an entertainment venue called Opulence Spatique in Baltimore.  And it was a truly amazing experience for James as well as for his guests. See the pics on the Home Page of this site. (Updated: 6/22/2014)
Quick But Powerful Reads (QBPR's) Series
  • James' library of QBPR's is finally back online and available via  Visit the "Book Store" tab of this site for more information (6/22/2014)
Calendar of Events
  • Check out the calendar link in the "WHAT'S ON TAP?" segment of the Home Page.  It's a recent edition provide you an overview of what's taking place in and around EIK. (6/1/2014)
Artistry On The Move 
  • This is the segment of EIK that allows James to take his passion for poetry & storytelling on the road.  James has been invited to be the featured Artist at a Baltimore based boutique and entertainment venue called Opulence Spatique on June 19, 2014, 7-9 pm.  This will be James' first official outing as author/poet.  This event promises to be "must see" as all of James' books will be on sale.  Light refreshments will be served.  $5 cover charge.  So, if you are in the Baltimore area, please stop in.  (Updated: 6/1/2014)
Encouragement By Design 
  • James recently combined his love for graphic design and encouragement into yet another adventure in print-Encouragement By Design.  James' marketing and graphic design services will be available at very reasonable prices to anyone in need. Full launch of Encouragement By Design will take place soon so look for more information including price lists and examples of James' work.  (Updated: 6/1/2014)
The Men's Forum Is Back! 
  • James is reviving the WHEN MEN SPEAK Conference Call discussions.  Plans are underway.  WHEN MEN SPEAK is a male forum that invites men to hold healthy discussions about the issues that are important to them. WHEN MEN SPEAK is also a platform for discussion between men and women to help strengthen male-female interactions in our homes, on our jobs and in every other aspect of society.  June 8th is the date tagged for the re-launch.  Stay tuned.  (Updated: 6/1/2014)

Cafe Encouragement Radio 
  • The most encouraging 30 minutes on Blog Talk Radio is back!  Join James as he hosts Cafe Encouragement Radio at its new time on Sunday evenings at 11 pm (EST). (Updated: 6/1/2014)
The Encouragement Is Key Facebook page 
  • The Encouragement Is Key (EIK) Facebook has been up & running for several weeks now.  The EIK Facebook page will serve as the primary method and means of interactive communication for all of James' encouragement based projects.  The other Facebook pages will continue to exist, but the EIK page will be the primary source of news and information.  (Updated: 6/1/2014)
James' library 

"Oh when the saints (when the saints)...go marchin' in (marchin' in...Oh when the saints go marchin' in, well..."
  • (5/3/2014) That...ladies and the sound of a very joy-filled James W. Falcon as he celebrates the completion of revamping his entire, 6-book library of encouragement based books.  In just a matter of days, all of my previous books will be available on, re-sized and re-priced for your reading pleasure.
  • (4/20/2014) I just discovered a way to cut my publishing costs in half AND how to pass along that savings to everyone.  I reformatted all of my books to pocket sized (5" x 8") versions.  As you can imagine, that has taken a lot of energy and effort...particularly while trying to write and launch new material.  In either case, I am having a creative explosion!!!  Through this process, I have taken all of my books off line for a brief period of time.  I will relaunch the revised editions of my first 6 books on May 10, 2014.  Please pardon any inconvenience this may cause.  But...stay tuned for more information.
Café Encouragement Radio 

  • Café Encouragement Radio returned to the Blog Talk Radio airwaves this past Sunday, February 23rd.  The most encouraging 30 minutes on the airwaves is back.  Produced and hosted by James W. Falcon, the broadcast is chocked full of encouraging messages.  Listen live and invite others to join you each Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday evening from 7:30-8pm (EST).  And if you miss the live broadcast, links for playback of the broadcast are available on the Café Encouragement Facebook page in the Notes section, listed by date and topic for your convenience.  To listen to the broadcast, dial (347) 215-8964 and bypass option #1.
  • NOTE: the broadcast has been temporarily suspended due to my concentration on my books projects.  Stay connected for information on the broadcast next airing. (4/6/2014)
When Men Speak-The Radio Edition 

  • Plans are in the works to re-launch the Blog Talk Radio show WHEN MEN SPEAK-The Radio Edition.  The date is undetermined.  The broadcast will feature a new format with the same pungent topics.  Stay tuned for the details.  (4/6/2014)
Jubilee News-A WHEN MEN SPEAK Publication 

  • James is in the process of revamping the newsletter.  Thought has been given to changing the newsletter’s focus-potentially to make it a co-ed journal instead of a “by women, for women” publication.  But, the jury is still out.  We’ll keep you posted.  Thank you for your patience.  (4/6/2014)

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